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Golden Gate Park in July July 5, 2010

Posted by stuffilikenet in Photography.

pano gardenspot in arboretum Here is a little garden spot in the Arboretum.  Click on the photo to get the big-screen treatment.

Here is a statue of Cervantes, the second-most popular fiction author for two hundred years (the most popular work during that period was a collaboration referred to as The Bible).


It is worth noting that San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park statuary has little in the way of politicians (except an Irish radical) but lots of nifty statues to Beethoven, Shakespeare (a contemporary of Cervantes), Cervantes and that highbrow crowd.  Oh yeah, and a statue of James A. Garfield (dunno why he got included.  I’m pretty sure he’s not on the list of Great Presidents…maybe because he was fluent in both Latin and Greek and could write in both languages simultaneously, being ambidextrous. That would probably play well in a town full of scholars).  It stands to reason, though: San Francisco has the highest per capita number of college graduates in the nation.  This explains the “liberal” voting record; it’s very hard to fool educated people, which also explains why right-wing types keep trying to privatize education.

Sundays at 11 AM a local group gives Lindy Hop dancing lessons.  Note the charmingly excitable little tykes roaming about.  Usually there are lots of people there, but this was early Sunday and they had only just set up.

There is a pretty little platform under a big tree in the arboretum which I have always really liked:

Japanese pavilion Golden Gate Park Arboretum

Click on the picture for the screen-filling panorama.  Very tough to photograph well with my crappy camera; be kind.



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