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Tale of a Table June 27, 2010

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We have a nice coffee table we got (on Craigslist) from a nice couple in Walnut Creek for a modest sum.  We like its moveable top, which allows us to eat TV dinners.

the table

It is kind of heavy when full, so when the stepdaughters want to play Wii Fit they have to move it and it doesn’t go well.  I was going to install some wheels to make it easier, when I found this hidden compartment:

A secret compartment

Intriguing, yes?  It had to be opened.  I cannot long gnaw at the cankering tooth of mystery, but must have it out.

bottom, brick revealed

Yes, that is a piece of cinderblock.  I gather it must counterbalance the table top when it is extended.  Not as interesting as the bag of diamonds I was expecting, nor the cash the wife suggested it would be, nor the drugs the youngest stepdaughter was anticipating.  Pity.

Oh, yes, the wheels turned out nicely.  It was my wife’s idea:

new wheels installed

Because they are set back from the outside and there is almost no clearance, they are invisible even to someone looking for them.

new wheel detail

Pretty cool, really.  look at the top picture;  it looks like there aren’t any wheels at all.

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