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Ooooh, Shiney! April 29, 2010

Posted by stuffilikenet in 3D Printing, Awesome, Toys, Video.

I’m too tired and sick to write much about this, but this fellow has made some of these neat 90 degree wheels (the “unibody Mecanum wheel”) for maneuverable robots on his MakerBot:

The files for this incarnation of the Mecanum wheel have been uploaded to Thingiverse here.

More on his build can be found here.  Apparently he also made a software widget that allowed him to customize STL files for printing on his MakerBot (and other versions of it, like Mendel) and visualize STL and GCode files.  It’s called Pleasant3D, is written for Macs only, and is found here, at least for now.  It does not seems to be supported by his parent company, Pleasant Software, but is free like beer.

I have mentioned before that free beer is good.  Haven’t I?

Anyway, visit his 3D blog page.  It has a detailed, sensible discussion of this project and a lovely description of a printable extruder head for a MakerBot and is well worth reading.

Here is a video explaining how the wheels themselves work:


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