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Cutest Camera in the Known Universe April 16, 2010

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Brilliant words, Geek Stuff, Japan, Mutants, Photography, Publishing Tools, Toys, Uncategorizable.

Here is the cutest little camera you ever saw:


Oh, sure; you think the girls are huge and the camera is a normal-sized digital camera.  You would be wrong.  look at the background: is that city destroyed?  No.  No monster rampage, therefore the girls are not horrible mutants bent on destruction, therefore the camera is really, really tiny, yet packed with yummy features: 2048 x 1536 resolution (JPEG), pretty high-resolution video (1280 x 960 30 fps) and microSD/microSDHC card slot (1-8GB).  Also has a voice recorder built in, which I suspect is pretty easy to do once you have everything else installed, yes?  Even my cheap Samsung has that.

I picture everyone in the future having one of these worn around their neck or on a headband or something, recording the whole day and wiping anything uninteresting before going to bed.  That would make a lot of cops uncomfortable, I’m sure.

This sucker has a Japanese-only instruction manual so it will find limited acceptance in the US, even though nobody here reads the manual anyway.



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