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Jeri and the Home Fab Lab March 10, 2010

Posted by stuffilikenet in 3D Printing, Awesome, Brilliant words, Toys, Video.

Jeri Ellsworth is possibly the most geeky chick in the world, for which she stands as a shining example to all geekdom, male and female alike. Racecar driver (at the tender age of seventeen), electronics engineer (self-taught), and videoblogger of AMAZING personal projects, she has been working on making transistors at home for two years (off and on). Besides these parenthetical qualifications, she is the best example of a maker I can imagine, given her (admittedly) long-term goal of printing integrated circuitry in an inkjet printer for home fabrication. I have been looking for results from her for several months now, and am delighted to come across this impromptu lecture at hackaday.com. I look forward to other great things from her.

Lecture At Metalab: Building a Home Chip Lab

from Jeri Ellsworth on Vimeo.

More from Jeri:


Addendum:  Jeri posted this (later, apparently, because I sure looked for it when I wrote the original article) cleaned-up version on YouTube:

There are other, related videos:




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