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Lemurs February 16, 2010

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Hey, this is my blog, and I can write about anything I want…especially lemurs.  I realize some people don’t think lemurs are cute or interesting, but they vote republican and are easily fleeced by confidence men and women of easy virtue.  So there.

Lemurs are native to and found nowhere else but Madagascar and the surrounding islands (where they were probably introduced by humans).  Lemurs migrated to Madagascar after it separated from Africa and, having no primate competitors, differentiated like crazy.  There are currently 88 species!  Nobody is sure how they got there from Africa, but this video suggests a way.

Lemurs come in cute,


really cute,


and very cute (the lemur is the one on the left).  The mouse lemur is cute and small:


Ring-tailed lemurs are not known for their table manners:


The white-ruffed lemur is a snappy dresser:


Lemurs are sociable critters


I mean really sociable


(in their groups, naturally, not with nosey humans) who give off a variety of calls for safety, announcements etc. [add mp3s here when you get a chance].  The young call to their mothers when they get separated


although they tend be a little clingy.

Lemurs are threatened, endangered or damn near extinct (depending on species) due to logging in Madagascar.  These guys seem pretty relaxed about it.  Maybe they are counting on us helping them.


How about it?



Exciting update:  Well, not really.  Amazon has about 36 ring-tailed lemur plush toys, but none of the large ones are anywhere near as anatomically correct as this one :


It’s only six inches tall, so not exactly accurate.


Additional update:


1. Cookie - March 7, 2017

I love Lemurs, I think they are adorable and very entertaining.

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