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More Hello Kitty February 9, 2010

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Hello kitty tire tread

I took this picture in my local Sanrio store.  There was a HK motorcycle also, but for some reason this tire spoke to me.  Get it?  Spoke?

I know, you think I’m just a cut-up.hello-kitty-chainsaw

Fine, if you want to be like that.


You could use this:

No, it’s a real gun:

Hello Kitty AR-15 Assault Rifle



Not a Photoshop job, like this:


But you probably prefer the happy ending.

hello kitty 1.jpg

Apparently someone ACTUALLY LIVES HERE.  In solitude, I imagine:

hello kitty 2.jpg

hello kitty 4.jpg

It could be this guy:


He probably want to meet this nice girl:


You can tell by her look she just wants to meet a nice guy and settle down and have some beautiful children in a happy home.

Hello Kitty Bath by Samurai Shiatsu.

All this HK stuff makes me sick.


Never fear; I have more.  Oh, so much more. 😦


1. Asa-Chan - July 30, 2011

LOL Thats funnyXD

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