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Wikipedia December 11, 2009

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is possibly the best thing on the web (depending on your needs).  Swelling like a hammered thumb, it Wikipedia Affiliate Button provides more and better information to millions of people every day.  A downloadable version of it can be found at wikitaxi.org, although I confess I do not know how to get it onto a portable drive (long story:skip on down to continue.  I bought a 16GB SDHC card and attempted to load the wiki database onto it.  It wouldn’t go; turns out the SDHC card is FAT32 formatted and can only accept 4GB or smaller files.  I reformatted the SDHC card to NTFS using Windows XP’s format tool, and now the card is no longer visible to Windows…and therefore a complete brick.  Can anyone help me with this?).

Wikipedia needs money to continue.  It is the second or third largest server of information in the world, after Google and sex.com (I made that up).  Still, they need cash.  Click on the globe above to make a donation in credit card or PayPal.


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