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Stinson Beach and Point Reyes panoramic views September 13, 2009

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Since I live in the most beautiful city in the world, it isn’t too much of a stretch to say that the surrounding environment is pretty nice (I’m even going to include Oakland under that blanket statement).  Marin county, which is mostly state and federal parks, is surely one of the nicer bits, and the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge is just two miles from my house.

We like Stinson Beach enough to talk about retiring there (talk is cheap).  We have stayed at Steep Ravine cabins as a mini-vacation and found the view from the cabin windows of Stinson Beach utterly breathtaking, especially the sunsets (the fogsets are also impressive, but you have to appreciate fog.  Not many people do).


Here is a little shot facing south from one of the campsites (not a cabin site):

pano facing south from Steep Ravine cabins, Stinson Beach

There are lots of other lovely things out here, besides amazing numbers of muledeer, rabbits and quail:


We stayed here for three nights, and during one of those days we drove up Highway 1 to Drake’s Beach, a lovely stretch of sand on the other side of this little estuary and bird refuge:

pano looking toward el Estuario

Here is the estuary/bird refuge itself.  We went in July, so migratory birds were well past this point and I only saw one egret from a distance.  There were a few birders out, however.

the estuary itself

But the real hidden story is this nearly-unoccupied white sand beach, a few miles long and just lovely in the summer:

pano of Drake's Beach

I do not pretend that I can capture the majesty of nature with my little Samsung S630 camera (dirt cheap at the time), but you can see there’s quite a lot to look forward to.  Why do I stay home on weekends again?



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