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The Thin H Line June 2, 2009

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Webcomics.

The Thin H Line is disgusting, sick and wrong, and completely hilarious.  Mom, do not read this.  The following is probably the least sick comic of the bunch:

imageSee? I told you. The Thin H Line became Sexy Losers, and may no longer be updated, but a lot of it was archived a while ago when I was surfing more and had free time (some years ago, now).

EXCITING NOTE: I put this post at the top of my blog (of more than a thousand posts) since it is regularly visited due to the rarity of the subject and due to the author Hard being out of the Thin H Line business (for largely personal reasons). So, “Hello” to all you people who came here for just that. I have more interesting stuff here but perverts are specialized, I guess.


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