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A Panorama Widget April 15, 2009

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Photography, Publishing Tools.

WordPress does not supply every kind of widget I would like.  I take a lot of photographs with my extremely cheap, bought-on-sale-from–Radio Shack   Samsung Digimax S630 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Advanced Shake Reduction Zoom (Black) (sale price: $89.  I got one for my mother, too.  That was last year; the link above goes to one on Amazon for $65).  My only complaint is that they eat AA batteries at an alarming rate. These amazingly high-quality digital cameras encourage my snapping fetish, especially since I live in the most beautiful city in the US, as you can see from this panoramic view from the Veteran’s Administration hospital parking lot:


This view was made from 28 hand-held exposures stitched together with autostitch.exe to create the panoramic in a .jpg file, which was then fed to closr.it’s panorama viewer thingie.  That produced a script which you can cut, and paste for your website…unless you have free hosting from WordPress, in which case you have to use the http link, as I did above.  However, closr.it’s widget also can be supported on different bloggers: Facebook, Windows Live, Blogger, iGoogle, MyYearbook and Typepad.  Give it a try.

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