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Adopt-a-Word January 28, 2009

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So I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself when I suddenly realized that, unlike “vacivity”, I was unlikely to face extinction in the next few years.  Lexicographers drop words like this from dictionaries all the time, without ever giving thought to the majestic history embodied in a few syllables.  They just jettison them with no thought at all to their storied past, Olympian grandeur and opulent charm.

This shall not pass.

Oxford University Press has a grandiose scheme to save “vacivity” and other words shrouded in the hoary mists of time.  The Save the Words campaign accepts the adoption of a single word by a single person to wrest it from the dustbin of history, presumably by (enshrining it on a website somewhere) by making it part of his/her daily vocabulary, thus restoring the lustre of past glory.  Fair warning, Oxford University Press uses Flash, so I haven’t been there in person.

Not that I need help in taking in stray anachronisms and making them my own.



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