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A Modest Proposal January 13, 2009

Posted by stuffilikenet in Uncategorized.

Graffiti is a filthy nuisance that causes decay to otherwise nice modest neighborhoods, like mine.  The taggers are usually unemployed and probably unemployable youth.  Both art and artist are unwelcome pretty much anywhere and I have a solution.  Report and arrest them.  The penalty for conviction shall be a full-time job (for those out of high school) or part-time (for those in high school) cleaning graffiti, starting in their own neighborhoods.  The duration of the job shall be one year.  During that time, they will receive minimum wages if they show up on time and work responsibly and they get to wear their own clothes.  If they fail to show up on time and work responsibly, they get no pay and wear bright orange jumpsuits with the local correctional facilities name emblazoned in large letters.

I figure they will know how to work by the time a year has passed, or will at least have some idea of what to look forward to if they don’t learn to work.  And they will have gotten used to a steady paycheck and getting up at a decent hour.  Not much of a benefit to them, but at least society gets some labor directed at a social ill.  And I haven’t seen anyone suggest a better way.


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