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Sock Puppets January 7, 2009

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Octopus, Toys.

One thing i love more than reason is sock puppets, and sock puppetry.  Any number of lovely creations are made with socks, including this utter delight:

saras sock vati

I have made several sock puppets and find myself delighted to have had a bag of sweat socks left over from my decision to turn full-time office monkey, thus abandoning the comfort of sneakers for the somber but secret joy of Italian loafers.  This has produced a work in progress (in progress because I have no free time at home) of which I will be proud when the moment presents itself, but I will show off anyway:


The finished product will have Velcro dots within the suckers and should stick to my sweater.  I will take it for a walk and call it Octavian, after my second-favorite Emperor.

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